Replacement Titles

The current owner(s) listed on the title must complete and sign a replacement title application.

  1. The application must be signed by all owners on the current title, even if the conjunction between names is “OR”.
  2. If there is an open lien on the Iowa vehicle record, the lienholder may apply for the replacement title.  If the title has been lost, the lienholder may also provide an ORIGINAL, NOTARIZED lien release to the vehicle owner(s) which will allow the owner(s) to apply for the replacement title.  The lienholder may also use Form 411168 which must be original and notarized. If the lien holder is an organization and the organization is no longer in business, the owner may contact the Secretary of State for information on who the officers of the organization were.  If the owner is unable to locate any of the officers of the organization in order to get a lien release, the owner will need to obtain a bonded title.
  3. The application must be sent to the original issuing county along with a check for $25.
  4. Once the application is received by the treasurer’s office, along with $25, a five day waiting period begins.  The replacement title will be printed on day six.
  5. On the sixth day after application, the vehicle owner(s) may pick up the replacement title at the county treasurer’s office or the treasurer’s office will mail it to the specified address on the application.

If an original title has been altered, and it is surrendered at the time of replacement title application, you will not be subject to a five day waiting period.

Trailers weighing less than 2,000 pounds empty are not issued a title when they are registered in Iowa.  On the registration, if it says “Small Regular Trailer” the registration is your ownership document.  To sell a small regular trailer, you must sign the bottom of the registration where it says “Seller's Signature”, date it and give the registration to the buyer.  Take your plates off and return them to the County Treasurer’s office where the trailer was last registered.

If you have any questions prior to applying for a replacement title, please contact the Sioux County Treasurer’s Office at (712)-737-2222.

This is general information only.  Nothing is guaranteed until we see all completed, original documents in our office.  Transfers cannot be completed by mail.