New Residents of Iowa

  1. Bring in your out-of-state title.  You will be issued an Iowa title along with registration and plates. The Iowa title will be issued with the same owners as listed on the out-of-state title.  All owners on the face of the current title must complete and sign an application for title.
  2. In order to change ownership on your out-of-state title (add or remove a name), you are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the state in which the title was issued.
  3. If your lien-holder holds the title, or you have misplaced your title, you will need to bring in your current out-of-state registration.  You will be issued a non-transferable registration and plates.  With a non-transferable you will not be able to sell, trade or junk your vehicle in Iowa until you have turned in your out-of-state title and obtained an Iowa title.  The Iowa registration will be issued with the same owners as listed on the out-of-state registration.  All owners on the current registration will be required to complete and sign an application for title.  Ownership cannot be changed when issuing a non-transferable registration.
  4. Leased vehicle move-ins require a Lease Tax Worksheet to be completed, along with a Leased Vehicle Application for Title.  Sioux County Treasurer’s staff cannot help complete the Lease Tax Worksheet.  Contact your original dealer, leasing company or the Iowa Department of Revenue (515) 281-6885 with questions while completing the Lease Tax Worksheet.

Please call the Sioux County Treasurer’s office (712) 737-2222 to ensure you have all documents, signatures and information necessary to process your title and/or registration prior to visiting.

This is general information only.  Nothing is guaranteed until we see all completed, original documents in our office.  Transfers cannot be completed by mail.