Voters can either vote absentee or vote on election day at the polls.

Absentee Voting

Sioux County voters can vote absentee via mail or absentee in-person at the Sioux County courthouse during the absentee timeframe.

Absentee by Mail

To vote via mail, mail in a completed absentee ballot request form which can be printed by clicking here. Mail completed forms to: Sioux County Auditor, PO Box 18, Orange City, IA 51041 or drop off the form at the courthouse.

Once you have received and voted your ballot, you can mail it back in the provided envelope or deliver it to the courthouse. Be mindful of the return deadlines listed in the directions that are mailed with the ballot.

Absentee In-Person

To vote in-person before election day, bring your ID to the Sioux County courthouse during the absentee voting period. You will be required to fill out an absentee ballot request form before you are issued a ballot. Please review the form by clicking here to know what information you will need to provide. Curbside voting and assistance for voters with disabilities are available at the courthouse for absentee voters.

Check the Status of Your Absentee Ballot

Click here to see the date your request for a ballot was received, the date your ballot was mailed to you, and the date your ballot was received back to the auditor’s office.

Voting at the Polls

On election day, vote at your assigned polling place. Click here to look up your polling place. Note, special election polling places may differ. Check with the county auditor for these elections.

All voters are required to show an ID or have an attester. Approved forms of ID can be found by clicking here.

Additionally, if you did not pre-register or need to update your address, you will also need to show proof of residency or have an attester. Approved forms of residency can be found by clicking here.

Curbside Voting

If you are unable to enter the polling place, you may vote from your vehicle. Follow the directions posted outside your polling place.

Voters Needing Assistance

All polling places are assessed for accessibility. All polling places are equipped with devices to help those who need it. Voters may also request assistance from precinct officials or bring someone to provide aid (can’t be an employer or union rep). Precinct officials will not answer questions about candidates or measures. They can help read the ballot and mark the ballot as instructed by the voter.