2022 Board Resolutions
2022-01 Depository Resolution 2022-02 Master Matrix Resolution 2022-03-Appoint County Engineer
2022-04 Resolution to Set Hearing for Property Proposal and Disposition all 6 properties 2022-05 Budget Amendment FY22 #2 2022-06 General Supplemental Transfer
2022-07 Resolution Disposition Proposal all 6 properties 2022 2022-08 Abatement Resolution 2022 2022-09 Suspension Resolution 2022
2022-10 Secondary Road Transfer#1 2022-11 Maximum Property Tax Dollars FY23 2022-12 Elected-Official-Compensation-Resolution
2022-13 Resolution Approving Redistricting 2022-14 FY23 Salary Resolution 2022-15 Canvass Resolution 3.8.2022
2022-16 ISAC Group Benefits Program 28E Resolution 2022-17 Approve Budget – CertifyTaxes FY23 2022-19 Budget Amendment FY22 #3
2022-20 Deputy Treasurer Appointment 2022-21 Sioux County – Series 2019 Partial Redemption Procedure (2022) 2022-22 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund
2022-23 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road 2022-24 Secondary Road Transfer#2 2022-25 Resolution Adopting Hazard Mitigation Plan
2022-26 Resolution Providing FA for 380th St Bridge Repl 2022-27 Resolution Speed Limit Sioux Center-Harrison-13th Street 2022-28 PCC Overlay 420th St
2022-29 Rezone Resolution-Schouten 2022-30 Weed Control Resolution 2022-31-Road Closure for Construction FY 2022-2023
2022-32 Rezone-Sioux County Communications 2022-33 Rezone-John Emerick 2022-34 – Open Records Policy 5.31.2022
2022-35 Resolution to Set Hearing for Property Disposition Proposal 2202101003 2022-36 Resolution Appointing ACA 2022-37 Resolution Disposition Proposal Set Sale Date-Time 2202101003
2022-38 Appropriation Resolution-100% FY23 2022-39 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Warrants without Board Approval 2022-40 IT Capital Improvement Fund Transfer Resolution
2022-41 Public Safety Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2022-42 Setting Hrg on Sale of Property 2022-43 Property Tax Suspension
2022-44 Utilities Resolution FY22-23 2022-45 ICEA Joint Co Safe Street & Roads (SS4A) 2022-46 Resolution Sale of Property signed
2022-47 Appoint County Sheriff Signed 2022-48 Wind Ordinance Moratorium signed 2022-49 Utility Vehicle Ordinance Moratorium Signed
2022-50 CFYP Sioux FY23 0.1 Resolution Signed 2022-51 Budget Amendment FY23 #1 signed 2022-52 Bridge Resolution signed
2022-53 Operation Greenlight Resolution signed    
2021 Board Resolutions
2021-01 Master Matrix Resolution 2021-02 Depository Resolution 2021-03 Nuisance Ordinance Resolution
2021-04 Terminate Agreement with IPAC 2021-05 Initial Resolution-Road Vacation Diekevers 2021-06 Resolution Approving Road Vacation – Diekevers
2021-07 Resolution Zoning Class Change 12-01-427-002 2021-08 Resolution Zoning Class Change 23-08-476-004 2021-09 Secondary Road Transfer#1
2021-10 Board of Supervisors–Setting Hrg on Sale of Property Diaz 2021-11 Board of Supervisors–Sale of Property Sioux County to Diaz 2021-12 Maximum Property Tax Dollars FY22
2021-13 Elected-Official-Compensation-Resolution 2021-14 Budget Amendment FY21 #3 2021-15 FY22 Salary Resolution
2021-16 IEDA Post Equipment 2021-17 Approve Budget – Certify Taxes FY22 2021-18 Accept Bid for Contract ID 84-169
2021-19 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2021-20 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road 2021-21 Secondary Road Transfer#2
2021-22 General Supplemental Transfer 2021-23 Courthouse Captial Improvements Transfer 2021-24 Sioux County – Series 2019 Partial Redemption Procedure
2021-25 Budget Amendment FY21 #4 2021-26 Conservation Land Acquisition Fund Transfer to Debt Service Fund 2021-27 Weed Control Resolution
2021-28 Oolman Pork 14 day waiver 2021-29 Repeal Resolution 1999-13 2021-30 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Warrants without Board Approval
2021-31 Appropriation Resolution-100% FY22 2021-32 Budget Amendment FY21 #4 2021-33 Road Closure Resolution
2021-34 Resolution Canvassing Results – City of Hawarden 2021-35 Budget Amendment FY22 #1 2021-36 Property Tax Suspension
2021-37 Resolution approving ESS 28E for Recorder 2021-38 Opioid Local Government Settlement Resolution 2021-39 Resolution Authorizing New Position
2020 Board Resolutions
2020-01 Master Matrix Resolution 2020-02 Depository Resolution  2020-03 19th Amendment Centennial Commemoration Proclamation
2020-04 Proc Set Date Memo Agt – Sioux County (Sioux Center Health 2020) 2020-05 Resolution BOS-Bonestroo Rezone 2020-06 Secondary Road Transfer#1
2020-07 Maximum Property Tax Dollars FY21  2020-08 Elected-Official-Compensation-Resolution  2020-09 Proc Hrg Auth Issuance (Sioux County – Sioux Center Health 2020)-v2 
2020-10 Tax Abatements  2020-11 Workforce Development 28E  2020-12 Salary Resolution 2020-2021 
2020-13 Approve Budget – Certify Taxes FY21 2020-14-Sioux-County-Disaster-Declaration-COVID-19 2020-15 Engineer Signature Resolution
2020-16 Budget Amendment FY20 2020-17 Courthouse Captial Improvements Transfer 2020-18 Urban Renewal Fund Transfer
2020-19 Secondary Road Fund Transfer 2020-20 General Supplemental Fund Transfer 2020-21 Resolution Awarding Contract Courthouse Roof
2020-22 Horstman 14 Day Waiver Resolution 2020-23 In Memorial of Sioux County Treasurer Randall J. Jacobsma 2020-24 Secondary Road Transfer#2
2020-25 Weed Resolution 2020-26 Courthouse Captial Improvements Transfer 2020-27 Budget Amendment #2 FY20
2020-28 Appoint County Treasurer 2020-29 Road Closure Resolution 2020-30 Appropriation Resolution-100% FY21
2020-31 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Warrants without Board Approval 2020-32 Sioux County – Res to Fix Hearing 2012A Go Bond Refi 2020-33 Repealing Dangerous Weapon Policy
2020-34 GO Bond 2012A Refi- Res to Hold Hearing-Take Additional Action 2020-35 GO Bond 2012A Refi – Res to Approve Preliminary Official Stmt 2020-36 RESOLUTION for Orange City Iowa fiber project
2020-37 Sioux County – Res to Accept Proposal GO Bond 2020-38 Sioux County – Redemption Procedure for Series 2012A 2020-39 Resolution Setting Registration Fees for ATV Ordinance No. 27
2020-40 Resolution Appt Paying Agent-Note Reg-Transfer Agent  2020-41 Auth Loan Agreement and Iss of Loan Notes and Levying Tax-Certificate Appr 2020-42 Resolution Requesting Reimbursement from IA COVID-19 Relief Fund
2020-43 Budget Amendment FY21 2020-44 Resolution Amending Requesting Reimbursement from IA COVID-19 Relief Fund 2020-45 Resolution Requesting Reimbursement from IA COVID-19 Relief Fund#2
2020-46 Tax Abatement Resolution 2020-47 Resolution 14-day Waiver Junior Hoogland 2020-48 Resolution Amending Reimbursement Request from IA COVID-19 Relief Fund#2
2020-49 Resolution to Ratify and Hold Hearing SCRAA 2020-50 Resolution Instituting Proceedings to Take Additional Action SCRAA 2020-51 Sioux County -Res Waiving Notice and Consenting to Issuance SCRAA
2020-52 Resolution Center Fresh Egg Farm 14 day waiver 2020-53 Rezone Resolution-Punt 2020-54 Resolution Accepting Emmet County – Sioux Rivers MH
2020-55 Resolution Setting Public Hearing on Proposed Disposal of County’s Interest in Property 2020-56 Sioux County – Redemption Procedure Series 2017 2020-57 Resolution Approving the Disposal of Property
2020-58 Resolution Amending Sioux Center Health Bonds 2020-59 Sioux County-SCRAA – Authorizing Resolution 2020-60 30-CO30-042 Resolution Authorizing Engineer to Execute Contracts
2020-61 Resolution Speed Limit Hull 310th St 2020-62 Budget Amendment FY21 #2  
2019 Board Resolutions
2019-01 Master Matrix Resolution 2019-02 Depository Resolution 2019-03 Budget Amendment FY19(3)
2019-04 Deputy Recorder Appointment 2019-05 Extension Agreement-SxCnty-BH-CityofBoyden 2019-06 Secondary Road Transfer#1
2019-07 Elected-Official-Compensation-Resolution 2019-08 Resolution for Hull-Boyden-Ireton Fiber Optics Premier Comm 2019-09 ReadiFuels-Iowa Tax Exemption-ReadiFuels
2019-10 Approve Budget – Certify Taxes FY20 2019-11 Resolution Appointing ACA 2019-12 Joint City-County Agreement – Alton Industrial Park
2019-13 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2019-14 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road 2019-15 Tax Abatements Resolution
2019-16 Budget Amendment FY19 2019-17 Secondary Road Transfer#2 2019-18 Weed Resolution
2019-19 Salary Resolution 2019-20 Resolution to Appoint UMB Bank substitute Registrar for Bankers Trust 2019-21 Dept Budget Adjustment
2019-22 Appropriation Resolution-100% FY20 2019-23 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Checks to Make Payments without Prior Board Approval 2019-24 Courthouse Capital Improvements Transfer
2019-25 Road Closure 2019-26 Dakota Access Pipe Line Completion Resolution 2019-27 Urban Renewal Joint Agreement with Sioux Center
2019-28 Appointing UMB Bank as Paying Agent Registrar Transfer Agent 2019-29 Approving and Authorizing Loan Agreement 2019-30 Resolution BOS- HARTMAN Rezone
2019-31 Resolution Appointing ACA Hoisington 2019-32 RESOLUTION for Hawarden Iowa fiber project 2019-33 Resolution Title VI-Appoint Coordinator
2019-34 O’Brien Co Resolution to join SRMHDS 2019-35 Resolution to Approve Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan Administrative Contract 2019-36 Set Date Tax Exempt Bonds – Sioux Center Health
2019-37 Dickinson Co Resolution to join SRMHDS 2019-38 Sioux Center Health Revenue Bonds  


2018 Board Resolutions
2018-01 Matrix Construction Evaluation 2018-02 Depository Resolution 2018-03 Resolution Approving Voluntary Annexation Orange City
2018-04 Budget Amendment FY18 2018-05 Secondary Road Transfer#1 2018-06 Elected Official Compensation Resolution
2018-07 Approve Budget – Certify Taxes FY19 2018-08 Amendments to Ordinance #1 2018-09 Zoning Map Update
2018-10 Salary Resolution 2018-11 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2018-12 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road
2018-13 Deputy Auditor Appointment 2018-14 Secondary Road Transfer #2 2018-15 Resolution Setting Registration Fees for ATV Ordinance No. 27
2018-16 Weed Resolution 2018-17 Tax Abatements 2018-18 City of Hospers Speed Limit-Log Avenue
2018-19 Budget Amendment FY18 2018-20 Form of Extension Agreement – Liberty Heights URP-Hull-BH 2018-21 Sioux Resolution to Vacate 510th Street
2018-22 Appropriation Resolution-100% FY19 2018-23 Courthouse Capital Improvements Transfer 2018-24 Authorize Co Aud to Issue Checks to Make Pymnts w/out Prior Board Approval
2018-25 Dept Budget Adjustment 2018-26 Road Closure Resolution 2018-27 Resolution BOS- Groeneweg Rezone petition
2018-28 Budget Amendment FY19 2018-29 Resolution to Schedule Public Hearing for Mai Property 2018-30 Application of Niman Ranch to IA Econ Dev
2018-31 Resolution to Disclaim Any Interest in Mai Property 2018-32 Abatement of Taxes 2018-33 Resolution Brunsting Rezone
2018-34 Resolution to Set Date to Discuss Nature Center Bond 2018-35 Accept Lyon County into Sioux Rivers MH 2018-36 Local Match Hazard Mitigation Program
2018-37 Resolution Directing Notice of Meeting for Additional Action-Nature Center 2018-38 Budget Amendment FY19(2) 2018-39 Resolution Making Fine Collection Permanent
2018-40 Resolution Insitutuing Proceedings to Take Additional Action-Nature Center
2017 Board Resolutions
2017-01 MATRIX Construction Evaluation 2017-02 Depository Resolution 2017-03 Sioux Co CDBG – Application Resolution for FCC project
2017-04 STEPPING UP INITIATIVE Resolution 2017-05 Secondary Road Transfer#1 2017-06 ORIGINAL Waiving Notice Joint Extension-Improvement-Op of Airport
2017-07 Approve Recommendation-Comp Board 2017-08 Approve Budget – Certify Taxes FY18 2017-09 SCRAA Sioux County – Resolution Authorizing Issuance
2017-10 Noteboom Rezone WEST BRANCH 33T 2017-11 General Supplemental Transfer 2017-12 Secondary Road Transfer#2
2017-13 Precinct Atlas 28E Resolution 2017-14 Salary Resolution 2017-15 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund
2017-16 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road 2017-17 Weed Resolution 2017-18 Repeal Resolution 1984-12-Bounty on Pocket Gopher Feet
2017-19 Tax Abatement 2017-20 Stop Sign at Intersection 380th St and Hwy 75 2017-21 Appropriation Resolution #1 FY18
2017-22 Resolution Approving Voluntary Annexation Granville 2017-23 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Checks to Make Payments without Prior Board Approval 2017-24 Resolution Approving Voluntary Annexation Sioux Center
2017-25 Road Closure Resolution 2017-26 Resolution -No Parking – City of Hospers 2017-27 Stop Intersection 320th Perkins
2017-28 Nyhof Dairy 14 day waiver 2017-29 Resolution Approving Ambulance Plan 2017-30 Tax Abatement
2017-31 Application of K2W Precision Inc IA Econ Dev 2017-32 Budget Amendment FY18 2017-33 Appropriation Resolution Amendment #1
2017-34 Opioid Epidemic Resolution 2017-35 Resolution Setting Public Hearing 2017-36 Resolution Releasing Easement
2017-37 Family Crisis Center – Sioux Co CDBG Administration Contract 12-8-17 2017-38 Election Security Resolution 2017-39 Procurement Policy – Sioux County
2016 Board Resolutions
2016-01 MATRIX Construction Evaluation 2016-02 Depository Resolution 2016-03 Refinancing of Loan-Public Safety Center
2016-04 Endorsement of RISE Application 2016-05 Approve Preliminary Official Statement for G.O. Bond 2016-06 Secondary Road Transfer#1
2016-07 Approve Recommendation-Compensation Board 2016-08 Cancel Outstanding Warrants 2016-09 Institute Proceedings to Issue GO Notes
2016-10 Authorize Redemption of Bonds 2016-11 Proposal Acceptance Northland Securities 2016-12 – 3 year PT Fines Collection Clerk
2016-13 Appointing Bankers Trust to serve as Paying Agent 2016-14 Approve Auth Ln Agrmnt and Provide the Issuance and Levy a Tax to Pay Notes 2016-15 Approve Budget – Certify Taxes 2016-2017
2016-16 Re-Zone Holland 28 Ag to RR 2016-17 Procurement Policy Hazmat Mitigation Grant 2016-18 Appropriation Resolution Amendment
2016-19 General Supplemental Transfer 2016-20 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2016-21 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road
2016-22 Weed Resolution 2016-23 Salary Resolution FY17 2016-24 Secondary Road Transfer#2
2016-25 Tax Abatement May 2016-26 – Resolution Appointing Assistant County Atty 2016-27 Appropriation Resolution 1st Half FY17
2016-28 Waiver of Right to Appeal DNR 2016-29 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Warrants without Board Approval 2016-30 Road Closure Resolution
2016-31 Appropriation Resolution Amendment FY17 2016-32 Voluntary Annexation Sx Center 2016-33 Resolution Appointing VWC
2016-34 28E Agreement Revision Regional Airport 2016-35 K52 Speed Reduction Hull 2016-36 Appropriation Resolution Amendment #2 FY17
2016-37 Abatement of Taxes 2016-38 Extend Speed Limit 2016-39 Resolution Ratifying-Confirming-Approving Publication Notice of Public Hearing
2016-40 Resolution instituting proceedings to take additional action    
2015 Board Resolutions
2015-01 Depository Resolution 2015-02 MATRIX Construction Evaluation 2015-03 RUTF Funding Support
2015-04 Set Public Hearing – Mellema Property 2015-05 Auditor Deputy Appointment 2015-06 Secondary Road Transfer
2015-07 ICAP Proxy Appointment 2015-08 Sale of Property to Smits 2015-09 Sioux County Courthouse Dangerous Weapons Policy
2015-10 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road 2015-11 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2015-12-2ND half Secondary Road Transfer
2015-13 Abatement of Taxes 2015-14 Weed Control Resolution 2015-15 Department Amendment
2015-16 Appropriation Resolution June 2015-17 Salary Resolution 2015-18 Abatement of Taxes
2015-19 Stop Sign Resolution 2015-20 Open Records Policy 2015-21 Moritorium on Campgrounds
2015-22 Sign Amnesty 2015-23 Road Closure (Completed) 2015-24 Stop Sign-Orange City-Ironwood 7th St (Joint Resolution)
2015-25 Road Vacation – 460th Street 2015-26 Intent to Issue Debt 2015-27 Road Vacation – 460th Street
2015-28 Construction 14 Day Waiver – Wynia Henry 2015-29 Resolution Acknowledging Reversion After Vacation 2015-30 Abatement Resolution (1)
2015-31 Construction 14 Day Waiver – Marvin Hoogland 2015-32 Revise 2016 5 Year Road Program 2015-33 Service Area Amendment
2015-34 Appropriation Resolution November 2015-35 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund  

2014 Board Resolutions
01 MATRIX Construction 02 ISAC’ RUTF 03 Depository Resolution
04 General Supplemental Transfer 05 Landfill Resolution 06 Sioux Center Hospital Stop Signs
07 Secondary Road Transfer 08 Zoning Ordinance Change W16b ADDED 09 Amendments to Planning & Zoning Ordinance
10 Comprehensive Land Use Plan & Map 11 Zoning Map (2014) 12 Sioux County Regional Airport Urban Renewal Plan
13 Airport Zoning – Classification Change 14 Regional Airport Urban Renewal 15 Weed Control Resolution
16 Use of County Road as a Detour 17 Secondary Road Fund Transfer 18 Public Improvement Project 380th St
19-Secondary Road Transfer 21 Service Area Amendment Conservation Department 22 Appropriation Resolution
23 Abatement of Taxes 24 Abatement of Taxes 25 Salary Resolution
26 Road Closure 27 Re-Zone Plato 14 RS to RC 28 Hazard Mitigation Plan
29 Rock 27 Ag to RR 30 14 Day Waiver Walt Vander Waal Rolling Hill Farms Inc 31 General Supplemental Transfer (1)
32 Speed Limit -Alton Hwy 10 & Kennedy Ave 33 Orange City Special Utility Election 34 Set Speed Limit – Ireton
35 14 Day Waiver Dan Byl – Ibex Broilers 36 Stop Sign Boyden 37 Stop Sign Hawarden
38 Abatement of Taxes    

2013 Board Resolutions
01-Wind Turbine Resolution 02-MATRIX Construction Evaluation 03-Depository Resolution
04-General Supplemetal 05-Secondary Road Transfer 06-Salary Resolution
07-Suspension of Taxes D. Van Ness 08-Paving 460th Street 09-Speed Limit
10-Condemnation Board 470th St 11-General Supplemental Fund Transfer 12-Secondary Road Fund Transfer
13-Agreement with Dordt -Private College Revenue Refunding Bonds 14-Amend Environemtal Health & Physical Planning Dept Budgets 15-Weed Resolution
16-Appropriation Resolution June 17-VA GWS Budget Amendments 18-Dordt Refinancing
19-Nurse Budget Amendment 20-Authorized Rep HSEMD 21-Road Closure
22- Setting Public Hearing on Shelley Timmer Excess Right of Way sale July 2013 23-Osterkamp Resolution 24-Tax Abatement
25-28E Agreement Rock Valley 26-Setting Public Hearing on Proposed Amendment to the 2007 Sioux County Com Land Use Plan 27-Abatement of Taxes
28-Tax Abatement 29-Setting Public Hearing on Vandebrake Proprty Sale 30-Amend 2007 Comprehensive Land Use Plan
31-Approving VandeBrake Transaction 32-Appropriation Resolution December  

2012 Board Resolutions
01-Depository Resolution 02-MATRIX Construction Evaluation 03-Property Tax Suspension Evert De Bondt
04-General Supplemental Fund Transfer 05-Secondary Road Transfer 06-Sale of Right of Way to Floral Plant Growers LLC
07-Amendment to Sioux County Zoning Ordinance 08-Waive 14 Day Waiting Period-Rolling View Farms 09-Salary Resolution 2012
10-Sale of County Right of Way to Floral Plant Growers LLC 11 Resolution – Set Public Hearing on Excess Right of Way Sale (Shelley Timmer) 12-Hazmat signature authorization for NW IA P&D
13-Designation of Applicants Authorized Representative 14-Approving and entering intoReal Estate Agreement with Le Sharon Osterkamp 15-Approving sale of Right of Way to Shelley R Timmer
16-General Supplemental Fund Transfer 17-Secondary Road Fund Transfer 18-Approving and entering into Real Estate Agreement with Greg Lynott Et Al
19-Set Date for Refinancing Public Hearing 20 Change Zoning Classification 21-Refinance GO Bond-Final Approval
22-Refinance GO Bond-Road 23-Accepting Real Estate Purchase Agreement — Lynott 24-Waiver to Right to Appeal Issuance of Permit by IDNR
25-Weed Control Resolution 26-Amendment Department Budgets 27-Authorizing Service Area Amendment
28-Abatement of Taxes 29-Appropriations for Departments for Fiscal Year 2013 30-Property Tax Suspension
31-Appoint Bankers Trust Co of Des Moines as Paying Agent 32-Approving & Authorizing Loan Agreement for GO Bonds 33-Road Closure
34-Amend Attorney-Nurse-Social Services and Med Ex Dept Budgets 35-28E Agreement with City of RV for 300th St Project 36-Abatement of Taxes
37-28E Agreement with City of Rock Valley 38-Abatement of Taxes 39-Public Improvement Project on 470th St
40-Redesign of Publicly Funded Mental Health and Disability Services 41-Waive 14 Day Waiting Period – VP Port II, LLC 42-Abatement of Taxes
43-Zoning Classification Change 44-Airport Fund Transfer 45-Appropriation Resolution December

2011 Board Resolutions
2011-01 Depository Resolution 2011-02 MATRIX Construction Evaluation 2011-03 Appoinment to Regional Housing Authority
2011-04 UR Amendment Resolution 2011-05 Tax Abatement 2011-06 Suspension of Taxes – Gary Blake
2011-07 Secondary Road Operating Transfer 2011-08 General Supplemental Transfer 2011-09 Abatement of Taxes
2011-10 Pt Time Attorney 2011-11 Salary Resolution 2011-12 Weed Control
2011-13 Abatement of Taxes 2011-14 Secondary Road Operating Transfer 2011-15 NCC to call for a Special Election
2011-16 Waive 14 day Waiting Period for Construction 2011-17 Appropriation Resolution June 2011-18 GASB54 Requirements
2011-19 Tax Abatements 2011-20 Courthouse Capital Improvements Transfer 2011-21 Physical Planning Amendment
2011-22 Ambulance replacement plan amendment 2011-23 Road Closure 2011-24 Reduce Speed Limit
2011-25 9_11_Moment_Resolution 2011-26 28E Agreement with City of Rock Valley 2011-27 Assist. Co Atty Appointment
2011-28 Storm Sewer Easement-Conservation 2011-29 Waive Tax Abatement 2011-30 Waive 14 Day Waiting Period – Postma
2011-31 Approving Post-Issuance Compliance Policy 2011-32 Appropriation Resolution Dec  

2010 Board Resolutions
2010-01 Depository Resolution 2010-02 MATRIX construction evaluation resolution 2010-03 Secondary Road Operating Transfer
2010-04 Repeal Resolution 99-17 2010-05 Salary FY 10-11 2010-06 Support the Community Attraction & Tourism Application
2010-07 – Stop Sign Joint Res. with Plymouth 2010-08 – Hazard Mitigation Plan 2010-09 Secondary Road Operating Transfer
2010-10 Nurse Dept Amendment 2010-11 Weed Control 2010-12 Floodplain language amendment
2010-13 ARRA Bond Allocation Acceptance 2010-14 Appropriation Resolution June 2010-15 Treasurer & Nurse Amendment
2010-16 Road Closure Resolution 2010-17 Nuisance Ordinance 2010-18 Tax Abatement format changes
2010-19 Iowans Helping Iowans 2010-20 Appropriation Resolution Oct 10 2010-21 -Abatement of Taxes