Victim Witness Assistance Program

It is the intent of the Sioux County Victim Witness Assistance Program to offer you support and guidance throughout the Criminal Justice System. The program strives to help you understand your role in the court process and to help the system take your needs into consideration whenever possible.

  • To Register as a victim in a crime click Here.

The Victim Witness Assistance Program:

  • Assists you in obtaining restitution or compensation for any damages inflicted upon you or your property.
  • Assists you if you are eligible in applying for the Crime Victim Compensation Program.
  • Informs you of your rights as a victim of crime.
  • Assists in referrals for medical, counseling, and other available human services.
  • Explains to you what your role is in any proceedings and helps you prepare for what the system expects of you.
  • Helps you prepare for trial and accompanies you to court, if that is what you would like.
  • Involves you when possible in decisions which affect the case.
  • Helps you to get back property that is being held as evidence.

According to Iowa law, as a victim of crime you have the right:

  • To know the scheduled date, time, and place of trial.
  • To register with the Sioux County Sheriff to be notified when the defendant is released from jail.
  • To receive restitution from the defendant for economic losses resulting from the crime.
  • To make and file a written victim impact statement in the presence of the defendant.
  • To have a victim counselor present at proceedings related to the crime.
  • To apply to the Crime Victim Compensation Program, which pays for medical expenses and lost income in cases of violent crime.
  • To be informed of any plea agreements related to the crime.
  • If you are a victim of a violent crime where the defendant is sent to prison, to register with the Department of Justice, Board or Parole, and Department of Corrections so you can be notified of the appeal process and outcome, parole hearings, and the inmates release.

VICTIM Restitution:
Restitution is a payment made by a defendant for some of the damages suffered by a victim:

  • As a victim in a criminal case, you may be entitled to receive restitution should the defendant plead or be found guilty.
  • Please complete the restitution form and attach copies of any bills or estimates that can verify your losses.
    *Sioux County Restitution Form
  • Being awarded restitution does not waive your right to take civil action against the defendant.
  • Reporting your losses also does not in any way guarantee that restitution can or will be paid by the defendant.
  • **Damages not covered are punitive damages, damages for pain, suffering, or mental anguish, loss of consortium, and damages paid for by insurance**

Victim Impact Statement:
As someone who has suffered because of the criminal acts of another person, a victim, you have the right to address the Court in a Victim Impact Statement:

  • The Judge has information about the crime, but not how it as affected you
  • This is your opportunity to state specifically what IMPACT this crime has made on you and your family personally, emotionally and financially
  • If you need assistance completing your Victim Impact Statement, please contact Alison at the Sioux County Attorney’s Office
    *Sioux County Victim Impact Form

Contact Alison with any questions:
Alison Kamp
Victim Witness Coordinator
Sioux County Attorney’s Office
210 Central Ave SW, PO Box 168
Orange City, IA 51041
(712) 737-2457 – phone
(712) 737-4560 – fax