Helpful Links

icon-external-link Iowa Courts Online – A tool for searching court cases in the state of Iowa
icon-external-link Iowa Legal Aid
icon-external-link Iowa Bar Association – Find a Lawyer Tool
icon-external-link Iowa Department of Human Services
icon-external-link VineLink – National Victim Notification Network
icon-external-link Sex Offender Registry
icon-external-link Centers Against Abuse & Sexual Assault (CAASA)
icon-external-link Bridge
icon-external-link Atlas
icon-external-link Seasons Center

Iowa State Wide Domestic Abuse Hotline | 1-800-770-1650
Iowa State Wide Sexual Abuse Hotline | 1-800-284-7821
Iowa Department of Human Services Child & Dependent Adult Abuse Hotline | 1-800-362-2178
Human Trafficking Hotline | 888-373-7888