Dependent Adult and Elder Abuse Unit

We prosecute crimes where adults have been abused and financially exploited, as well as assist the Department of Human Services in obtaining protective orders on behalf of abused adults.  These orders can include ordering perpetrators out of a victim’s home, freeze bank accounts so thieves can no longer have access, and order much needed medical services.

You can also file your own petition for relief against elder abuse.  Contact your attorney or  (712) 737-2457 for more information.

Warning signs of dependent adult and elder abuse and neglect:

  • Injuries that cannot be logically explained
  • Not taking medications or there are missing medications
  • Weight loss
  • Being overly passive and/or depressed
  • Being left alone all the time or never being allowed to be alone with anyone except the caretaker
  • Not being allowed to leave the house
  • Never have money but should
  • Their caretaker is acting like a bully


If you suspect abuse, report it!

Call your local law enforcement or DHS toll free at (800) 362-2178 (answered 24/7)