Crime Victim Compensation Program


  1. You do not need a lawyer to apply for the Crime Victim Compensation Program.
  2. The program pays certain out-of-pocket expenses related to an eligible victim’s injury from crime in Iowa.
  3. Funds for the program come entirely from fines and penalties paid by convicted criminals, not tax dollars.
  4. The program is the payer-of-last resort after insurance, other government programs, and other sources.
  5. Eligibility determination may take eight weeks.
  6. For eligible crime victims, the program will pay benefits after all required verification is received.
  7. The program does not cover property crime, property loss, legal fees, phone bills, meals, or pain and suffering.
  8. Restitution from the offender is collected by the program only after any restitution owed to the victim is paid.
  9. Restitution is not collected from an offender if the collection might cause danger or hardship to the victim.